Queen of Fall
Michael Greenberg, Phototerra Studio

Queen of Fall

This is a rather evocative shot of Elizabeth, it’s as if she were the Queen of Fall. She appears to be part of the natural setting she is pictured in, fitting into that beautiful background so it accentuates her beauty. I created this autumn image of Elizabeth against those beautiful red leaves, during her wedding in Montreal Canada. Her fur coat gives a sense of the time of the year, in addition to leaves behind her. When I saw the beautiful red pattern of those leaves, I asked Elizabeth to stand there and to pose for me. The moment I captured however, was a natural moment while she was moving and I caught her in that movement. She wasn’t actually posing for this image. It’s a quiet moment, caught while she’s pondering, thinking of something, rather than striking a pose. All very serendipitous.

Location: Montreal, Canada.