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Crystal Ballroom Wedding

The King Edward - Crystal Ballroom Wedding Book

Omni Hotels & Resorts - The King Edward is an architectural gem and one of our favorite wedding venues in Toronto. This hotel has four stunning rooms that can transform into reception banquets. Unfortunately, one of these rooms, the elegant Crystal Ballroom, was closed for nearly half a century until the Omni Hotels & Resorts splurged on renovations and revived it with contemporary richness and sophisticated charm. Our talented wedding photographers, Michael Greenberg, and Natalia Shaidenko, captured the first wedding in the newly renovated Crystal Ballroom on May 13th, 2017. The King Edward - Crystal Ballroom wedding book tells the story of this historic event.


The first Crystal Ballroom wedding was published by the annual Omni Hotels and Resorts Escapes magazine in the fall of 2017.

Hart, Lisa Marie. “A Romantic Revival.” Escapes. Omni Hotels and Resorts. Fall 2017: 40-46. Print.

A Stylish Persian Sofreh
Delicious Desserts
The Ambiance
Gold Colors
King Edward Hotel Wedding Portrait
Sweet Table
Yummy Appetizers
Wedding Table Color Theme
An Intimate Moment
Signature Drinks
Great Gatsby Panorama
Matching Colors
A Black and White Staircase
Drunken Doughnuts
On the Dance Floor
Vanity Fair Venue Panorama
The Secret Bar
A Table Setting
Our Bride and Groom

Album Design

We designed this beautiful book to commemorate the Crystal Ballroom's grand opening. Unlike our wedding albums that focus on the couple and their families, this photo-book centers on the venue and elements that made that night unforgettable. The talent involved in this event is remarkable and worth looking up.

The album opens with an overview of the ballroom fully set up and ready for its first wedding reception. Inspired by the story of the space and its grandeur, the decor team dressed the room in subtle colors, enhancing the table design with beautiful centerpieces made of white spring flowers and gold candelabra to match the gold accents of the ballroom.

The couple had a Persian wedding ceremony at another excellent venue room - The Vanity Fair Ballroom. Our graphics designing team introduces this space in the album with a gorgeous panoramic spread followed by beautiful details from the wedding ceremony table called the Sofreh Aghd.

Our Persian bride and Irish groom in dashing wedding attires appear towards the middle of the album. Their bride and groom portraits were taken around King Edward's hotel.

The second half of the album focuses on photographs of everything delicious and the evening atmosphere of the event. Some guests called it a Great Gatsby wedding. Why? Look at our favorite panorama in this album - a photo-journalistic image of the groom singing to his bride from the balcony inside the ballroom accompanied by an 18-piece orchestra. That's as Gatsby as it gets. You can see and feel the magic of this moment and appreciate the grandeur and splendor of the first wedding at the Crystal Ballroom.

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