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Daria Marchenko

Photographer Daria Marchenko

If lights and shadows fascinate you or the softness of visual expression inspires you, Daria is the verified choice for your wedding photography needs. Multilingual, Daria is fluent in French and English.

Originally from Eastern Europe, Daria lives in Montreal, Canada since 2007. With a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from the Lomonosov State University and a Master’s degree at the leading school of journalism in France - CFPJ, Daria moved to Montreal, Quebec and began her collaboration with us as one of our leading photographers.

Another Master’s degree in media communication followed suit from the University of Montreal (2010) and another bachelor’s degree in film production at Concordia University in 2012. Rewarded with a scholarship, in 2014 she moved to Hong Kong to finish the program, where she got a position of a photo-editor and producer in an international media start-up co-launched by Condé Nast Publications and a Chinese corporation Goldin Group.

Back in Canada as of 2016, the multitasker that she is, Mrs. Marchenko is juggling family life with digital art and media projects, production of commercial and artistic videos and incredible wedding photography. She travels for work across Canada, the US, Europe, and Asia spending most of her summer weekends in Toronto on wedding and engagement photography assignments.

In Artist's Words - Written by Daria Marchenko

Visual culture is the main focus of my interests. My career and lifestyle were often shaped by opportunities to explore the different facets of visual production. I guess I can say that I knew I wanted to be a photographer from a very early age.

Like all of us here at Phototerra, I keep discovering new aspects of photography all the time. While shooting weddings, I decided to try a photo-director position for a popular Quebecois magazine, now owned by the TVA Group. There, I got to conceptualize photo sessions and collaborate with a creative community of photographers and stylists in Montreal. When I was working in Hong Kong for two years, I participated in experimental documentaries and produced a digital art project screened at art and film festivals in Hong Kong and Macau.

What I am trying to say is that, and I think I’m speaking for everyone in our team, I work on becoming better at what I do by expanding my knowledge beyond the familiar. I like to try new things, experiment with new angles, unconventional thinking even. Then share these ideas and learn together in a humble way.

I love wedding photography in part because I am confident in my abilities to create long-lasting artifacts, and in part because it allows me to express everything I know about the art.

Please consider hiring me as your photographer.

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