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Photographer Anouk Landry

Anouk is the embodiment of spirituality itself. And we mean it! She is the chi that makes everyone feel at ease and draws all people and animals towards her just like a magnet. It’s rather remarkable. Anouk is your photographer if you appreciate emotional photojournalism. We call Anouk the spirit catcher for her ability to make you cry with her photos.

Unlike the rest of us, Anouk was born and raised in Canada. She speaks perfect French and English. Anouk inherited her grandfather's old camera (Nikon FM) at the age of 20 and fell in love with photography ever since. Following a career in graphic design, Anouk joined us in 2008 and very quickly became the principal photographer in our team.

Anouk traveled extensively for Phototerra’s wedding assignments, going as far as India to shoot a five-day event. After some National Geographic workshops and various photography Master Classes, her work was published in Elegant Wedding magazine as well as on numerous wedding blogs, including My Intimate Wedding, EventSource and Jetfetblog. She has won a number of Accolades of Excellence form the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International competition. You can find all of our Prize-Winning photos in our Awards Gallery.

Artists's Inspiration - Written by Anouk Landry

What inspires me the most as a wedding photographer is witnessing the connections and interactions between people, existing and new ones and how it always brings everyone together.

I describe my photography style as narrative. My peers call it wedding photo-journalism. Perhaps the two terms are synonymous. For me, though, documentary or photo-journalistic images tell a story and answer various Where, Who, When and other similar questions. Narrative photography, on the other hand, also includes candid moments where events are expressed through emotions, not only visual aspects. These photographs also answer different questions, but not always. They still, however, express complex human feelings. It takes me an extra second or two to manifest what I see through my lens, and my couples always cherish the results.

Please consider me to capture your wedding moments.

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