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Michael Greenberg is a Toronto wedding photographer known for his epic wedding photography, conceptual engagement photo-sessions and family portraits.

Michael is humble, personable, and wickedly talented. His strength as a wedding photographer comes from his uncanny ability to see beauty in all his subjects. He is so popular that sometimes couples change their wedding dates and venues to accommodate his schedule.

If Michael is your wedding photographer, we guarantee you’ll have the best possible photos you can imagine of yourself. He can make anyone look beautiful, in any weather conditions and regardless of the photo shoot locations. Powered by his skill and knowledge of photography, Michael’s storytelling ability is embedded in his curiosity for people he works with.

My approach to Weddings – Written by Michael Greenberg

I love being a photographer, although I almost became a musician, medical doctor, and a computer programmer. I am very happy I stuck with photography partly because I think I am a social introvert if that makes any sense. If it doesn’t, then I just coined that term. This is why wedding photography is a perfect job for me. I can be social and at the same time hide behind my camera all day while framing happiness in the most beautiful light. I could have become a National Geographic photographer, but I chose weddings instead. Something about being tied to a tree for days on end in anticipation of a close-up gazelle shot did not appeal to me. I love nature photography, don’t get me wrong, but it is lucking in the social department.

For me, weddings are opportunities to get creative. They have many exciting parts. Portrait photography in the morning is one of my favorite things to capture. I love spending one on one time with my brides and grooms while figuring out original ways to incorporate their emotions into their environments. I’m pretty caffeinated at that point and wouldn’t say no if you offer me a doughnut.

The photo-journalistic ceremonies are especially interesting in my opinion because that’s what photojournalism is – an ability to tell a story with an image. People say I’m a great storyteller. Thank you, people. You trusted me to tell your wedding story and gave me a chance to express my passion for photography. That’s incredible. That’s why I love my job.

When it’s time for couple’s portraits – be yourselves, be in love, give me some water and let me loose. I have ideas, and for your wedding, I will have new ones. I even invented a cool way to photograph bridal parties and families and won international awards for it.

I look at wedding detail photos as product photography. The mission - find a way to capture a wedding cake so that people want to try it. It applies to all details and appeals to me. If some of your wedding details are especially meaningful, please tell me why. I’ll find a way to incorporate your story into that important detail picture.

Cocktail receptions inspire me with new faces and personalities while wedding celebrations are a chance for my high-end photography tricks and an opportunity to test new ones. When the DJ plays with lights, I play with lighting. These interesting moving light images are really cool.

You can trust me to deliver my best work because I am a social introvert, because I love photography, and my photos are different from other shooters. But most importantly, you can trust me because I have a level of personal integrity that doesn't allow me to create insignificant work. My priority is to make sure you get the most beautiful wedding photos. These images carry my name, and I want to be proud of what I do for every couple that trusts me with their wedding.

A note to newly engaged couples. After you get married, I hope you will always respect one another and be in love just like you were on your wedding day. If life gets tough, sometimes it does, pick up your Phototerra wedding album and look at your beautiful photographs. Whatever you are going through, your album will help you get through it. I know because I’ve heard it twice before from happily married couples. So it must be true.

Hire me, and I will create for you the most powerful wedding photographs.

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