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Our Awards & Achievements

In this photo gallery, we proudly present our collective achievements. We are proud and humbled by the international recognition we received from our peers and industry alike. Photography competitions are important. They challenge us to create something extraordinary and match ourselves against the world’s best. They teach us humility.

Some of these images were artistically composed for photography projects; others were taken during creative photo shoots and on our travels. But most of the photographs were captured during fast-paced weddings for our beloved clients.

Click on the image info to find out who captured the award!

Note to Brides

Your curiosity brought you to this awesome page of our website. To us, it means that you are passionate about your wedding photos and care deeply about the results. We are extremely pleased to invite you to join a distinguished group of our clients and friends. You’ll fit right in! Please specify you visited the awards section of our website in the contact form. It will guide us to a more refined conversation about your wedding photographs.

Group-Shot Masterpiece
Unusual Photo-Journalism
Strange Wedding Photograph
Canadian Sikh Wedding
Italian Family Panorama
Panorama Explained
Wedding Detail
Teamwork for the Win
Partial Story
Winning Portrait
Flash at Work
Contemporary Wedding Photography
Funny Wedding Picture
Toronto City Hall Wedding
Color Palette
Morning Beauty

Note to Photographers

If you are seriously interested in photography, be it wedding or any other field, you shouldn’t limit yourself to online blog posts and social media praise. You are running a risk of misjudging your work because your assumptions may be based on your own experience or non-professional beliefs of some of your followers. Put your skills to the real test against the talent of the industry. You’ll be surprised to learn how much mastery exists in the world. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our work. We are happy to help!

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