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About Us

Learn about our team and values, why couples hire us, our wedding photography rates and other photo services, curious information and FAQs.

About Phototerra

Learn about why we create extraordinary wedding and engagement photos - loved by our couples, peers and trusted industry professionals.

Why Phototerra

A testimonial and a list of reasons for hiring our photographers for your wedding.

Michael Greenberg

Our celebrated photographer, Michael Greenberg, opens up about his approach to wedding photography and what he loves the most about his work.

Daria Marchenko

Daria Marchenko is one of our multiple award-winning photographers. Learn about Daria's life accomplishments and approach to weddings and engagements.

Natalia Shaidenko

Highly published and a multiple prize winner Natalia Shaidenko is a real asset to our wedding photography team. Conceptual storytelling is her forte.

Anouk Landry

Discover why we call Anouk Landry, our wedding photographer, a spirit catcher and learn about her definition of a narrative photography style.



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