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Every Photo Has a Story!

In this wedding photography collection, you will find our treasured images that we proudly created as a team over the years. Every photo has a story that you can read if curious. Choose your favorite or view hundreds of stories by following the image info icon. We take pride in sharing with you what we achieved over the years as wedding photographers in a passionate way.

Our tales will take you to some of the most remarkable and elegant places in Toronto as well as other parts of Canada and the world. You will discover the names of the best wedding gown designers, ceremony and reception venues, secret little details that can make a world of difference for your wedding and so much more!

As you scroll through this gallery, imagine that your wedding photos will also provoke thoughts and feelings and transcend time. They will reflect your story in the best possible light (literally and figuratively speaking).

We hope our pictures will help you see the real beauty of wedding photography and inspire you to define your special day with greater vision than you ever dreamed it to be.

We promise you a smile with our latest 2019 review.

Butterfly Bride
Renaissance Bride
The Essence of a Woman
Botanical Garden Wedding
Beautiful Gothic Church
The Arsenal Contemporary Art Gallery Wedding
Bow Tie with a Butterfly
Cloud Nine
Reflection of a Bride
The Calm Before the Storm
Wedding Photography in Old Montreal
Beach Wedding Photo Shoot
Light Illusion
Flash Magic in Limo
Through the Looking-Glass
Italian Wedding Dessert Table
Photo Poem - She Walks in Beauty
Little Bridal Party
Dolce and Gabbana Wedding Dress
Editorial Wedding

Our Favorite Wedding Photographs

As a group of award-winning photographers, we combined our favorite pictures in this portfolio for you to experience our composition skills, lighting techniques, storytelling abilities, and overall creativity.

We believe in being different because we treat wedding photography like art. Art is versatile; it exists in every photography style; editorial, photo-journalistic storytelling, traditional, candid and many more. We’ve been perfecting our craft and searching for beauty everywhere around us for the past 17 years. For us, wedding photography is a never-ending and inspiring form of mastery rooted in skills, artistic vision, understanding of people and their values. Art is unique because it lives on; it outlasts every trend and ends up on walls to be admired. We want to create art pieces with your images.

Your wedding photos will stand out be it in Toronto, Montreal or any place in Canada, New York, Los Angeles or any other part of the US and worldwide destinations. A decision that can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your photos is the best decision you can make for yourself, your partner and loved ones. And it all begins with trust. Trust in us as your wedding photographers.

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