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Digital - Wedding Photography Package

Digital Package Details - $5990

Digital – This straightforward wedding photography package has plenty amount of hours as well as our complete Core Coverage approach that includes a full photography team and lots of digital products.

Why choose the Digital package?

You should select our Digital wedding coverage for 3 reasons:

  1. Your ceremony and reception start in the afternoon or evening and you plan to get ready around noon. Therefore, there is no need to start early morning wedding preparations and picture-taking can shift to later in the afternoon. Similarly, if you have a mid-day reception, then you probably would not require photos in the evening.

  2. Wedding budgets are important, and you want to stay within 5 thousand dollar range for your wedding photography needs. You’ve shopped around and learned that 5k is the average ongoing rate for high-end wedding photography.

  3. You understand the importance of paying fairly for the best photography for your wedding but want to benefit from our full Core Coverage that includes 100 masterfully retouched images.

Digital – List of Services and Products

Please keep in mind that is you ever want to get an album or any other photography product or service, you can do that at any time. Yes, it is true that by getting an album sooner you might be saving money in the long run, but we will not advise you to go over your spending plan. We respect your budget.

The good news is that quality is always better than quantity. We stand by excellence in wedding and engagement photography. It's not about the number of products in your package; it is about the awesomeness of your pictures.

Remember Quality > Quantity 100% of the time when it comes to anything, but especially your wedding photography. We specialize in high-end wedding and engagement photography content in Toronto and worldwide destinations. Call Us to reserve your date.

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