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High Resolution Digital Files

High-Resolution Digital Files

Edited High-Resolution Digital Wedding Photo-Files

You can enjoy high-resolution edited photographs from your wedding within 30 business days following your event. The exact parameters of your images are 2500 x 3000 pixels. They have no company logo, come in JPEG format, and you can print as often as you want up to a perfect 8 x 10 to 8 x 12 inches format.

Phototerra reserves the author, moral and commercial rights to the images and their ultimate resolution. If you need a bigger than 8 x 10 enlargement, please let us know. Larger format images require additional retouching. We will be happy to perfect and print your order for you.

What does “Edited” mean? We want to elaborate on this subject a little because brides come to us utterly confused as to what edited implies. More often than not, our brides believe that edited means retouched. If you are not familiar with numerous quick-fix photographic services, filters and presets, you have no way of telling what exactly you are looking at, except that it's not what you had in mind when you heard some photographer say “we edit all of our images”. In a sense, claims like that are valid. Technically speaking, editing is anything you do to alter an image most slightly. Even something minor like cropping the image implies manipulation and therefore can be labelled as edited. How these images are modified and to what extend considerably varies among photographers. Alas, It doesn't mean that all of your photographs are professionally retouched.

For us, editing is a process of color correction whereas retouching is a practice of image perfection. Here is how you can tell at a glance what was done to the photograph.

Well-edited photographs should have the right color. It is called color correction after all. Using a preset to remove all the green tones and make it look brownish-dark is not color correction. What’s a preset? It is a predetermined combination of editing options that are saved as such so that they can be quickly applied to any other photo in the future. Since all images carry different digital information, using the same preset for all of your photos is analogous to washing your darks and whites in the same laundry.

Presets aren’t necessarily bad; they are just lazy, trendy and tiring. In 5 years from now, you would appreciate remembering the real colors of your wedding day.

One other preset you can notice on the internet includes sunshine added flare to photos. Some photographers take this trend too far, adding sunshine to clearly rainy weather conditions. There is one more to watch out for – the soft, hazy, white look that everyone seems to love because that’s very “weddingly”. But it is the most misleading photo manipulation. What happens to your photos is that the image information of the lightest details and colors is washed out, literally smoothed away. This process takes care of your blemishes and wrinkles in seconds and also takes away real colors (white sky instead of blue for example), and all the details of your dress or white flowers and so on. But it's dreamy!

If you have your eyes set on a favorite look or feel, please tell us, and we will retouch a handful of your photos that way. But we will do it smartly, without compromising the quality or details of your images.

Apart from spotting a preset, you can ask yourself “Does this photo look too dark? Too light? Do the colors look too dull or flat?” If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, then not too much work went into editing.

So what do we do when we edit your photos? In short, we thoroughly balance the following:

  • Exposure

  • White

  • Blacks and Shadows

  • Temperature and Tint

  • Colors

  • Contrast

  • Saturation and vibrancy

  • Crop and alignment

And we do it all by hand, treating each photo individually. The process of color correction takes 1 to 2 minutes per picture or 25 hours on average per wedding, not including the selection process time or the many quality control iterations. Please visit the FAQs page to see what people are asking about high-resolution files and related products.

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