Groom Portrait
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Groom Portrait

With access to a spacious room in a heritage building in St. Petersburg Russia, Michael Greenberg decided to use uniquely designed chair as a prop for the groom during his portrait photo session. It was a dark cloudy day outside so Michael used an off-camera flash to light the groom from the side, but only enough in order to preserve the mood in the room.

Each wedding is different and photographed differently. This portrait session with the bride and groom has an editorial aesthetic and sometimes your surroundings guides your creativity as it did in this instance. The ambience of these images also matched the couple's personality. It is a part of the photographer's job to show and capture the couple's vibe and story.

In this sequence of shots with the groom we tried several scenarios. In one shot we asked the groom to sit casually. In another shot we used a stronger flash and the feeling of the photograph was completely different.

Location: Moscow, Russia.

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