Michael Greenberg, Phototerra Studio


Wedding day is an emotional roller coaster. Most of the wedding photographers today are trying to capture a range of emotions, from happy to sad. However, in the recent years, a noticeable trend emerged of wedding photographers that capture only happy emotions. This style is sometimes mistakenly labelled as candid. To understand how the candid wedding photography is perceived by our brides and grooms we always ask the couple to elaborate on how they see it. The answer we usually get is very close to so called "happy" images. It is safe to say that most people associate weddings with happy events and therefore expect happy photographs. Since candid photography style is in essence a moment photography then most people expect exactly that, an abundant amount of happy moments. The reality of such a powerful and emotionally charged day as a wedding day is quiet different. Every portion of the day is filled with numerous thoughts and feelings. When subtle emotions are also captured, it becomes a completely different photographic coverage; more real, more human, and more storytelling. In this photograph, Montreal wedding photographer Michael Greenberg, candidly expresses a moment of bliss.

Location: Montreal, Quebec.